Big Data business impact

You surely heard about Big Data. Nowadays this is a very popular field for businesses. A lot of startup and business founders refer to Big Data consulting company for implementing Big Data in-house. There are a lot of benefits you can receive from Big Data. It’s closely related to Machine Learning, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. All these processes are based on Big Data. 

Big Data analytics started to work in IT companies and after that had spread widely. We can’t underestimate Big Data impact for the business. Usually, it is used in big companies to make work more efficient and process data that can’t be processed manually. Big Data for small businesses is very efficient too. Let’s have a look for the real examples of Big Data implementation in different companies.

  1. Transport for London (TfL). This is a company that manages all the public transport in the city: subway, Docklands Light Railway, London River Services, Tramlinks, London Overground, buses, taxis. TfL collects a huge amount of data. It allows to understand passenger motion patterns and make new paths, allocate more transport when needed or quickly inform users about emergency situations on the road.
  2. Dickey’s Barbecue Pit. This is a restaurant network that implements Big Data Solution which is called Smoke Stack. It includes information about customers feedback, inventory, loyalty surveys, point-of-sale information, etc. This allows to rapidly respond to customers or redirect products from one point to another if there are some problems with sales.
  3. Carnival Cruises. This is one of the leaders of the cruise business. They own more than 100 ships. In this case, Big Data analytics help to keep all the data in one system and understand customer responses, make better offers and pricing and increase the company’s profit by increasing sales.
  4. Rolls Royce Holdings. This company manufactures sea and aircraft vessels and generates a really huge amount of data from different sources. So, implementing Big Data is a very necessary decision. It allows collecting data from, for example, engine tests. As a result, the company can make analytics and improve the quality and safety of their products.
  5. Xerox. The office appliance giant uses Big Data to facilitate the work of employees. As a result, Xerox significantly reduced the number of layoffs and has the ability to make strong teams. This approach saved the company millions of dollars. 
  6. The Weather Company. IBM has acquired this company and now it is a part of the IT giant. The Weather Company collects weather data from a lot of sources. It allows getting the forecast in real-time. This is important because power-generating companies and rescue services can receive information about storms, hurricanes, blizzards, and other natural disasters very fast. This allows to respond quickly and make necessary preparations to avoid losses from electricity swings.
  7. Avis Budget. The car-sharing company uses Big Data to adapt their services for increasing customer satisfaction. Big Data analytics allows estimating customers lifetime value using car service requests and rental records.
  8. Telstra. This is a telecom operator from Australia. They use Big Data to make analytics of network performance. The system can determine the normal parameters for the network. If some of them begin to get worse, the system warns the right specialists. Also, the company uses Big Data to make analytics for other areas, like customer support service or delivery tracks schedule. All these increase the company’s efficiency and profit.

Final thoughts: impact of Big Data on business

Big Data is no longer a special instrument for big IT companies or something not understandable. Big Data is a new reality and it’s almost everywhere. As you can see, it is used by different companies in different fields and on the different stages of development.

Impact of Big Data on business and everyday life significantly grows every moment. If you have doubts about implementing this instrument in your company, refer to the professionals who already work with is and ask any questions you might have. With the help of a reliable Big Data consulting company, you can make the right implementation strategy and achieve your project goals.