Merchant Account Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is it so important for me to select a PCI DSS Merchant compliant processor?

As a business owner, YOU are responsible for the security of your customer’s credit card data.  Each card that is compromised could cost the business owner $30.00 to replace.  If a business loses data for 10,000 cards, this fee could be $300,000.  This would threaten the livelihood of most small to medium sized businesses but it’s actually just the beginning.  Many business owners around the world have been forced to close their doors due to misunderstanding their role in credit card data security. 

Gone are the days of responsibility lying solely on Visa/MasterCard or the processing bank.  Now the business owner is the responsible party, and the first step in protecting yourself is to select a processor that is certified as actually secure.

2. How many Merchant Quotes will I receive?

Once we receive your information form, we match you up with a maximum of 3 PCI compliant processors best suited for your situation.  We do not bombard you with quotes.

3.Should I continue on to other “Quote” sites and request from them as well?

No. Requesting quotes from multiple sites will result in a multitude of responses, leaving you to figure out which direction to go.  Let us do the legwork for you and match you with 3 of the best companies in the U.S.  Each company is PCI DSS CISP certified and has great pricing.

4.How can I be certain I am receiving offers from the best merchant service providers?

We ONLY work with the 100 best companies in the US.  Out of the 20,000 companies that attach their name to “Merchant Services” there are only around 100 that are actually PCI CISP certified on Visa’s website.  For more information please visit:www.visa.com/cisp

5.Why don’t I just go to www.visa.com/cisp  myself to find a processor?

You absolutely can.  In fact we place the website on here for “full disclosure” purposes. However there are approximately 100 of them and each offer there own unique pricing for each merchant situation.  We have already done the homework to ensure you get matched quickly and correctly.

6.How long before I am contacted with a great quote?

Within 24 – 48 hours of submitting the form. 

7.Will I be charged a fee?

We do NOT charge a fee for our service.

8.Is there a contract?

There are many different types of merchant accounts and each situation is unique.  Sometimes contracts are required but most of our affiliates offer month-to-month and no-contract options.

9.Can I be approved if I have bad credit or No credit at all?

We have a 98% approval rating with our affiliates.

10.Will I be trained to use all of the equipment and/or features of the merchant account?

Absolutely. When we say we match you with the BEST processor, we absolutely mean it.  Customer service is essential to a good merchant account experience and we only use companies that meet these high standards.

11.What if I need customer service help with my account?

Again, we only utilize companies that are PCI DSS CSIP certified, offer Great pricing and reliable Customer service.

12.How long before I can start accepting credit cards?

Within 24 – 48 hours after account approval.