How to find the best AWS DevOps expertise for your project?

There is no aspect of software delivery that is not covered by AWS. More than 150 services provided by this cloud platform help address any challenge you might need to accomplish. However, using these services efficiently requires having a strong AWS DevOps background to configure all dependencies correctly. Obtaining this expertise is no easy task, so many businesses build their AWS infrastructures to the best of their ability — and then have to optimize them. How to find the best AWS expertise for such a project then?

In general, obtaining access to AWS DevOps managed services is not different from recruiting any other employee, and can be done in one of three main ways:

  • hiring a talent in-house or a freelancer
  • working with AWS technical support
  • using IT outsourcing services

Let’s take a closer look at how things work.

As it stands, AWS DevOps expertise is one of the cornerstone skills of any DevOps specialist, so finding a good professional solves the task. However, recruiting any DevOps engineer is a high-risk endeavor, for a variety of reasons. For starters, unless your business is located in one of the major startup hubs, finding a DevOps engineer locally is nigh impossible. Global corporations and AWS itself regularly monitor the market and hire all aspiring DevOps professionals. Therefore, the search can be quite time-consuming and will require significant spendings on recruiters or HR, or a recruitment agency.

Even if you have found a good fit locally, the employee needs some time to begin working productively, and their salary is quite high. Besides, your in-house DevOps engineer can become ill, go on paternity leave, on vacation or simply quit the job. With the coronavirus pandemic, he/she can even die, and you face a classic “bus problem” — if this person dies tomorrow, can the project move on? If you have a single talent —  definitely not. If you hire a replacement, you double your salary expenses at the very least — not to mention the office expenses.

Why not hire a freelancer then? Well, there is a ton of skilled AWS DevOps engineers on TopTal and UpWork, but unless you are a startup with little to lose, it might be a risky decision, as you are actually giving access to mission-critical systems and sensitive data to a complete stranger that is not even legally bound.

The reasons above lead to the fact that many companies contact AWS or its certified partners directly and seek DevOps services from them. This way you can be sure of the high professional skills of your remote employees and protect yourself with SLA. However, your tasks will form a common queue with requests from all other AWS customers and you risk waiting for 4 hours to get a response — and even more, before the issue is resolved. In addition, AWS DevOps specialists will use AWS tools and services to accomplish your tasks and these products can cost a fortune to run for long. 

Therefore, it is best to work with independent contractors, who possess the same level of skill, are also bound by legal obligations, use open-source tools — and the cost of their services is quite lower. This is why most companies prefer to outsource their AWS DevOps operations to a reliable contractor. This way you get a ready team with polished workflows able to work on your project from day one.

But how to make sure the team is trustworthy? Well, many of Managed DevOps Services Providers are AWS-certified and can showcase multiple successfully completed AWS-based projects. This also means they know the best ways to deal with typical challenges your project might meet, which will allow to further lower the project time and expenses.