Reliable roulette game schemes

Everyone who wants to succeed in gambling is interested in popular roulette game schemes. Of course, you can try to achieve results with your own methods, but their effectiveness still needs to be checked. It is best to play roulette on reliable platforms, such as In roulette it is very difficult to beat the casino, because everything is decided by a random number generator. It is impossible to influence his work in a legal way. And for various fraudulent tricks, the administration of gambling resources puts users in the black list. To increase the chances of winning, we offer the most successful game schemes.

The most popular roulette game methods

For many years, players have been trying to create universal win-win roulette game schemes. But no system gave a 100% result. Although various techniques to control the process of the game help. The most popular methods in roulette are based on a change in the value of bets and the game for equal chances. These include:

  1. Martingale is one of the most well-known user strategies. Its main principle is to double the rate after each loss. If the player wins, the amount of the subsequent bet decreases. There are various options for the Martingale strategy;
  2. D’Alembert – here you also need to raise the rate after the loss. At the same time, the game should start with average bets, in order to provide the opportunity to both reduce and increase the number of chips;
  3. Parlay – here it is necessary to bet the previous winnings along with the original bet. Due to this principle, the Parlay method is called “Anti Martingale.” Using such a scheme, the main thing is to tell yourself “stop” in time and leave the game;
  4. Thomas Donald – here after winning a bet amount is increased by one, and after a loss it decreases. This method is justified if you play on tables with small limits;
  5. Passwords – the system assumes an increase in the rate after each successful spin. Thus, the user remains on the wave of success. Applying this method, it is important to be able to leave the game on time.

If you want to test each of these strategies, but do not want to spend money out of your own pocket, we suggest using a casino no deposit bonus.

New roulette game schemes

Almost every day, new methods are invented that should appease the “queen of gambling”. One of the new fashionable systems is “222”. Its principle is very simple and attracts with the fact that it does not require special calculations and calculations. Here it is necessary to play on equal chances, that is, to bet on red or black, more or less, even or an odd number. However, before the first bet it is important to observe the results of the last spins of the roulette. So, if after the first launches the ball was on black, then in the next two turns it is necessary to bet on red. If these two bets did not win, then it is better to miss a few spins again to watch the game. At the same time, if the first bet of the user has not played, then the second one needs to double the number of chips.

Another method – “10 numbers”

The game system is incredibly simple, but requires patience and patience. The advantage of this method is the lack of risk of losing big. Minus – winnings are also small. At the beginning of the game session, it is important to determine the limit of funds for the game. The usual playing field of roulette has 3 rad and 37 cells. The user is invited to put chips on 32 sectors. Two cells from the last row and zero remain empty. The rules that define the principle of distribution of chips are missing. That is, bets are made at the discretion of the participant session.

Some experienced players claim that it is not necessary to change bets after each rotation of the wheel. To make a profit from the game on such a system, you must participate in 30 backs. But do not count on a big score. During such a period of time, if you deposit 40 chips, your winnings will be approximately 60 chips.