Search by profession: TOP 3 professions for dating

Many dating sites occasionally conduct surveys among their users about which professions they find the sexiest and which are the most suitable for creating a family. This information may just be interesting, but in some cases, it will become extremely useful. We will also say that there are many sites on the network that allow you to search for a partner in the profession. So you can find for example lawyer dating. So let’s go back to the topic and see what professions are the most popular.

The sexiest female professions, according to a survey of men, turned out to be a nurse, a stewardess and a dancer. The sexiest male professions, according to the women interviewed, are a sports trainer, doctor and firefighter. Most likely, representatives of these professions give sex appeal to a form: both physical (for example, a dancer or a sports trainer), and overalls in the form of a white coat or fire uniform. The sexiest female professions were not the most suitable for creating a family.

The top three most desirable professions of the future wife are a doctor, as well as a teacher and accountant. The practicality of men in this matter is obvious: doctors seem to them the most caring, teachers – the smartest, and accountants – economical. In turn, women dream of marrying a doctor, lawyer or entrepreneur, this is their top three. Ladies consider the doctor to be responsible and understanding. In addition, the sexuality attributed to the doctor by women does not prevent him from claiming the role of the most enviable groom. A high level of responsibility is also attributed to lawyers, and entrepreneurs, in the eyes of women, are distinguished by their determination and economic management.

Do not forget that when choosing a husband, women are guided not only by the internal qualities of the partner: most of the respondents indicated that the prestige of the profession (61%) and the salary (86%) of the future spouse are important or even very important to them. For men, these factors play a smaller role (20% and 15%, respectively). Thus, men pointed out that the prestige of their narrowed profession is more important to them than the size of her salary, but both of these parameters are not of fundamental importance. You can also talk about the fact that on special dating sites there is even the opportunity to find military dating. All these features can simplify the search for a partner. In fact, the profession can be an extremely important component, according to which you can easily find your soulmate. But this is not all you need to know in order for your correspondence to succeed.

As you start a correspondence with various people, you will begin to understand whether it is worth continuing to communicate with this or that person. Also, an important factor is how much your interlocutor has contacts with whom he conducts correspondence besides you. If possible, try to meet the person you like in real life. Correspondence should not be the goal. Your goal is different – to find your second half. And you can understand this only during meetings without a computer. Also, do not forget about security and do not go to meetings if in the process of communicating on a dating site something worries you or even repels you in an interlocutor. Go on dates only with people who are pleasant and interesting to you. As soon as you realize that it’s comfortable for you to be in the company of a person, delete the profile and continue the relationship in real life. We hope that your partner will do the same.

And, most importantly, never despair of finding your partner in life! In the world there are a lot of lonely people who are constantly in search of a soul mate. If you are persistent, you can certainly succeed in this and very soon build a strong family.