What is a hosted payment page and how does it work?

The world of payments is getting increasingly diverse as the ecommerce market grows rapidly each year. With more ways to shop online, merchants need to stay updated on the latest payment methods so they can ensure their customers are able to check out with ease. 

Enter the hosted payment page. This page allows for a merchant to direct a shopper to a secure payments page to enter their payment credentials. This payment experience creates the ability to remind customers to “buy now” and complete their purchase while providing an extra layer of security across the entire checkout process.

How Does a Hosted Payment Page Work?

Whether you want to sell products, services or take donations, a hosted payments page can help. These pages are usually linked to from your main website or shared in marketing campaigns and enable you to finalize transactions quickly and securely. For merchants who partner with goEmerchant, hosted payment pages can be quickly and easily customizable by the merchant. 

Once the customer submits the order for payment, the transaction is processed by goEmerchant using a secure payment gateway. This backend process is handled independently of the merchant’s system and keeps payment credentials secure from outside threats. By allowing a third-party to process and manage these transactions, merchants are keeping their business’ systems safe and their customer’s personal credentials protected. 

A hosted payment page allows for the payment service providers to manage the necessary PCI certification and payment compliance requirements associated with accepting credit cards. Since credit card processing can be complex and needing an expert to manage, merchants are increasingly turning toward payment processing partners that are a one-stop shop in everything needed to make the checkout experience possible. Managing the details around a hosted payment page is part of this equation.

Relying on a partner like goEmerchant to handle the nuances of a hosted payment page – along with the payment processing/gateway necessary in processing online transactions, merchants can rest assured they are following the required steps to manage their payments in a compliant payment environment.